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Netflix Gets Most Things About Bitcoin Incorrect

Netflix Gets Most Factors About Bitcoin Incorrect

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not have the ideal of reputations due to its supposed association with criminal activity. Netflix isn&#8217t helping matters much with its Explained series. It only puts this new type of currency in an even worse spotlight.

Netflix Gets It Incorrect

Most Television shows which touch upon Bitcoin and comparable currencies have a tendency to comply with the exact same strategy. Highlighting the adverse side of cryptocurrencies appears to be the go-to solution in this regard. Even Silicon Valley ridiculed cryptocurrencies somewhat, though it also tried to inform viewers on a number of occasions. Netflix&#8217s Explained series, nevertheless, is a distinct creature.

A lot more particularly, this series touches upon innovative concepts and technologies. As such, Bitcoin was bound to be highlighted sooner or later. Amongst the use circumstances for Bitcoin, the series primarily mentions illegal services. That is not factually correct by any means and has currently been disproven.

Netflix gets Bitcoin wrong in its Explained series.

It is correct there have been several associations among crime and Bitcoin. Ransomware, malware, exchange hacks, and so forth are all outstanding examples. Even so, these transactions represent a minor fraction of the ecosystem as a whole. As such, it is baffling to see why Netflix thinks their episode is totally accurate in this regard.

More Flaws to Right

While the association with crime is the principal point of frustration, there are other troubles in Netflix&#8217s new show as well. It mentions how all cryptocurrencies use blockchains, which is not right. There are really a couple of currencies which do not use a blockchain at this stage. Until lately, EOS and TRON belonged to that list as effectively, as their infrastructure was only lately unveiled.

Additionally, Satoshi Nakamoto is a well-respected member of the Bitcoin community. Nevertheless, he did not invent blockchain technology by any signifies. This notion is nearly 3 decades old, which is something Netflix could have researched with ease. Jameson Lopp pointed out his frustrations as nicely as this episode contributes nothing educational whatsoever.

All of this additional confirms the &#8220powers that be&#8221 have no love lost for Bitcoin and its technology. Such inaccuracies could have been addressed very easily with suitable investigation. For some reason, Netflix and Vox decided to take an entirely distinct approach. There is a lot much more to Bitcoin than people comprehend, however handful of people are capable of highlighting it effectively. That is very unfortunate, and a predicament which wants to alter soon.

Do you feel Netflix was just lazy in receiving Bitcoin wrong, or did they intentionally do so?&nbspLet us know in the comments beneath.

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